11 Best Health And Wellness Marketing Ideas To Boost Employee Engagement

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Published on 29 September, 2020

An average employee spends a big chunk of their waking hours at their office. Naturally, workplace culture plays an essential role in determining the state of employee wellbeing.

Issues like employee turnover, employee disengagement, job-hopping, and low-performance levels have become a buzzword within the HRM landscape.

According to an SHRM report, 59% of employers are implement various corporate wellness programs to meet health goals.

Who doesn’t want to improve the aspect of their wellbeing?

Research by Willis Tower Watson suggests that a mere 33% of employees agreed to reap the programs’ benefits.

So what about the rest of 67% of employees?

Employee disengagements have risen in recent times, degrading the real purpose of wellness programs. There can be various arguments for such queries, but we will consider the effectiveness of health and wellness marketing in today’s blog.

Why Is This Important For A Wellness Marketing Strategy?

Before we discuss a better way to engage employees in wellness campaigns, let’s delve into the point of it all. Why bother about marketing your wellness initiatives?

In short, for excellent communication.

Marketing’s role is to attract and engage your target audience, similar strategies, when applied as internal marketing, yield excellent results in employee engagements.

How well are you marketing your wellness programs to employees?

Suppose there’s a chance of a communication gap between you and your employees. In such a case, it is natural that they will find it hard to take advantage of your offerings that ultimately shift their interests from wellness programs.

As leaders, acknowledging that employees get overwhelmed with information every day makes it crucial to devise a comprehensive plan to market your corporate wellness program to employees.

Top 11 Wellness Marketing Ideas To Help You Boost Employee Engagement

1. Allow Your Employees To Volunteer To Health Screenings

Biometric Tests are proving beneficial to attain a long-term health goal. Maintaining a regularity with the screenings can be cumbersome for some of your employees.

Allow your employees to conduct stress-free voluntary health screenings. Never put unnecessary pressure on your employees for active participation. Communicate your offerings.

You may also hire a professional health coach who can monitor the proper usage of your services. Creating a wellness committee and assigning the responsibility of carrying out a wellness objective is also a cost-effective way of promoting current and upcoming wellness initiatives.

Photo by Roman Synkevych / Unsplash

2. Gamify The Process With A Count-Down Timer

Adding an element of gamification for employee fitness is a well-known wellness marketing strategy. It works excellent to pump up your employee's excitement level. Creating a count-down timer or a calendar indicating the number of days left or a CTA will help elevate employee engagement.

3. Host Some Fun Contests

What works better than a meme-contests as a fun element?

Happy and satisfied employees result in a productive workforce. Why not think something out of the box?

Try to host some fun contests like a "Caption & Win" you can post funny health and wellness-related cartoons or images and ask your employees to caption and win before entering the final wellness rounds.

4. Decorate The Workplace With Wellness Themes

You can also market your wellness programs with specific health goal themes. Encourage your creative employees to decorate the office or desks around the themes for the upcoming workplace wellness challenges. You can also put forth awards to vote for the best-decorated piece.

5. Offer Free Samples

Everyone loves freebies!

You can partner with a popular local store or restaurant to offer your employees some samples or snacks at special sign-up events. Also, hosting a sale on completing a wellness campaign is a great way to market your wellness program.

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6. Distribute Flyers And Posters

Place a big graphic poster or sign in the right context, and it's sure to be noticed. Try the kitchen, lunchroom, or break room and use the content to start conversations about healthy choices where most socializing takes place. For example, a poster about healthy eating in the lunchroom or a sign about stress reduction and relaxation tips in the employee lounge can significantly impact.

7. Host An Onsite Event

A live event offers an opportunity to communicate and clear doubts on the spot. Your employees get their queries solved before starting the event; it's also a great way to market your future wellness programs. You can personally invite your employees to spend some time in the common area and motivate them to sign up right then and there.

If you're partnering with outside vendors, you can invite their wellness representative to guide your employees through the process. You can also arrange for an actor to dress up in a themed costume and gain your employees' interest in a wellness program's fun elements.

You can also organize virtual events, here is our complete guide for a Virtual Marathon.

8. Support any Cause

Thank You NHS Banner on Oxford Street
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Cause-related marketing campaigns can also help boost health and wellness marketing strategies. It is a contemporary marketing strategy to promote businesses in support of a social cause. Companies use this method to bring awareness to a rising social issue and share social responsibility with the community.

For example, The Body Shop , the beauty and wellness company, recognized healthcare workers in 2020. They promoted a campaign: "Time To Care," an initiative of health, wellness, and kindness.

9. Health and Wellness Influencers for marketing

Balance for life.
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Influencer marketing is an excellent way to boost brand awareness today. Wellness influencers increases the credibility of the product.

In practice, influencers can show nutrition and health talks or even run a giveaway to promote health and wellness ideas. This way, it provides an authority to the product in the market.

To make sure, it doesn't have to be an influencer with million followers, but someone from your organization with similar interests might help. Thus, helping in employee engagement as well as contributing to an effective marketing strategy.

10. Collaborate with Complementary Brands

The current valuation of the global wellness economy is $4.5 trillion.

After COVID-19, the market for wellness products has become more effective. Health and wellness industry can partner up with a brand that upholds better business outcomes in global pandemic.

Collaborative marketing is like aligning with like-minded brands. Collaborating with similar brands bolsters the campaigning goals. Moreover, it is a sustainable tactic to reach out the wider market.

Such as, companies can collaborate with health and wellness brands to promote their products. Also, provide discounts to employees who purchase from that particular brand.

Recently, Starbucks and Lyra Health joined hands for partnership on the mental health for its employees in respect to the Covid-19 scenario.

11. Social Media

Social Media Facebook
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Health and wellness brands should always consider the lifestyles people are currently practicing.
Online marketing helps to know it better. Also provides an opportunity to interact with the target audience in unique ways.

Advanced social media is amongst the few health technologies changing lives today.

Social Media is an effective way to promote health and wellness marketing.

Some of its main strategies includes:

  • Promoting the product with the latest updates and launches

  • Engaging with the customers directly on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or Reddit

  • Posting podcasts and influencer videos

  • Blogging or content marketing on the products to encourage brand loyalty

Download our complete and comprehensive guide to corporate wellness programs to create an effective one for your workforce.

Over To You

Building a successful employee engagement requires support from leadership, a proactive work environment, and wellness culture. The latest employee wellness program ideas and initiatives with the marketing strategies, as mentioned earlier, can be fruitful ways to boost engagement.

We suggest to collab your marketing efforts with other departments and teams and stir some enthusiasm for promoting your organization's mission and wellness values. It will help your employees feel that they play an essential part in your business's ultimate success.

So what are some of the best ways of triggering this enthusiasm in your wellness marketing campaigns?

Lets us know in the comment section.

This extensive list was written and compiled by Rangana Atreya and Parismita Goswami, who work as digital marketers at Vantage Circle. For any queries, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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