5 Employee Health Goals You Must Plan For 2021
04 November, 2020
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It's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that's where transformation happens. - Jillian Michaels

A sound mind and body reward you in living a life of fulfillment and joy.

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is a matter of choice.

Often, we forget to prioritize health over career, family, and other earthly pleasures in our busy lives. It's when unforeseen situations and medical issues urge us to control our lives by achieving health goals.

As an employer, strategizing a wellness goal or plan allows you to control your employee’s well-being and equips with scalable objectives that result in business development.

Goals make an individual disciplined and productive.

Following the SMART goals framework leads to a faster performance improvement bringing the best trackability and outcomes to your corporate wellness programs.

Why Do Employees Fail To Hit Workplace Health Goals?

Honesty plays a prominent role in determining the success rate of health goals.

It takes sacrifices and intrinsic motivation to stay focused on this journey.

As Christmas and New Year’s Eve are around the corner, and your employees are already in their vacation mood. No wonder they will be planning their new year’s resolutions, but such little promises are often short-lived, maybe a couple of months!

Also, Inc’s research shows that 80% of new year’s resolutions are forgotten by mid-February. It mentions some of the top health and fitness goals that are widely common among young individuals:

  • Diet or eat healthier

  • Exercise more

  • Lose weight

  • Save more money

  • Learn a new skill

One of the major problems with these health and wellness goals is that no one is sustainable and specific. They also lack practicality and scalability if proper metrics are not defined.

It leaves many unanswered queries of your participants such, as how much one should burn a calorie to meet the desired BMI score or how one can keep up the spirit in long the run?

These gray areas force your employees’ loss of motivation from your corporate wellness programs.

What Are The Benefits Of Setting An Effective Health Goal Strategy?

An effective health goal strategy ignites your employees' intrinsic optimism to lead a healthy life at work.

Such goals can vary between easy, difficult to moderately tricky levels.

So how to maximize employees' wellness program participation?

We know that acquiring a habit takes 21 days, and making it a lifestyle takes upto 90 days or more. So as a wellness authority or health coach try to achieve your employees’ full support by following these wellness program participation ideas and make the entire process a success.

Also, a good corporate goal setting and tracking app becomes valuable in the employee wellbeing process.

The Vantage Fit is a mobile-friendly application that focuses on preventive healthcare & fitness. It promotes healthy lifestyles and habits with a plethora of built-in designs for corporate challenges.

Are you Excited to implement corporate wellness in your organization? Request a Vantage Fit demo now!

Here are the top 5 benefits that your employees enjoy from healthy goal setting in the workplace.

1. Fosters A Healthy And Meaningful Life

Leading a life of health and contentment is the ultimate life's purpose.

But achieving such a feat in a world full of materialistic distractions is next to impossible if we don't define some set of goals. We also don't deny that being too vague about our health goals can lead us to give up easily.

Frequent distractions can force us to procrastinate our priorities.

Your employees will find thousands of excuses for not participating in wellness programs. You can help them in sticking to their wellness goals with health promotional strategies.

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But before that, it's essential to define your purpose of setting up an effective wellness program so that your employees can find meaning and motivation during the process.

2. Keeps Control Over Healthcare Cost


Nearly every corporate organization is emphasizing its efforts towards reducing employee healthcare costs.

It has become one of the significant workplace goals that don't compromise health and wealth at the same time. Well defined plans are the only way to streamline your wellness efforts.

Healthy employees are imperative to your company's development.

One of the main benefits of achieving health goals in the workplace is to improve employee health and prevent employees from using the expensive medical system.

3. Develops An Achievers Mindset


According to 1990 research on goal-setting theory by Locke and Gary Latham, having goals affects behavior and dramatically impacts employee performance. It helps in streamlining energy that leads to a higher effort on the overall health of an individual.

Such higher action leads to persistent steps in building the achievers' mindset. Setting health goals can be a potent tool in shaping your employees' life at work.

Accomplishing these goals can either lead to job satisfaction and further contribute to their motivation.

4. Builds A Resilient Workforce


Workplace stress is a common issue across any work culture.

Infact a healthy amount of stress can be beneficial to make work done. Employees who work in a tight schedule have a high energy level and are motivated to push through challenges.

But when stress becomes unmanageable, productivity suffers, and employee morale comes at stake.

One way employers can solve this issue by helping their employees set wellness goals. A clear plan allows your employees to practice time management and makes them feel less stressed and lessens the feelings of failure. It gives your employees authority over their lives and creates a resilient mindset crucial for achieving goals.

5. Measure Progress


Tracking our progress regularly is quintessential for achieving health goals. It doesn’t matter whether you track your team's health using employees’ wellness app or manually keeping a record of their calorie-burning walking with a pen and logbook.

You can incentivize the entire progress and create a sense of achievement when employees meet their goals.

The ultimate goal is to help us see the potential of employees towards health and wellness. Another way to measure progress is by setting clear goals that lay a foundation of authority towards the target.

5 Principles Of An Effective Goal Setting

In their comprehensive research, leaders like Edward Locke and Gary Latham proved that goal setting is indeed beneficial in our life.

In the year 1968, in his article "Toward a Theory of Task Motivation," Locke suggested that clear goals with employee surveys and feedback serve as a good motivator for employees.

His research also revealed that if one works toward a goal, it becomes a significant motivation source, which, in turn, improves performance.

This theory was supported by Lantham's study on practical goal setting in the workplace.

Both of them published the work together in 1990 titled "A Theory of Goal Setting & Task Performance," which mentioned these five goal-setting principles, leading to successful wellness programs.

  • Clarity

  • Challenge

  • Commitment

  • Feedback

  • Task Complexity


3 Ways To Set Employee Health Goals

1. Foster Work-Life Balance

Work-Life balance has become a buzz word among corporate employees. Even though its origin lies in the late 1980s in the US, workplace stress contributed to its steep growth in recent times.

One can see rising mental health issues because of the latest technological advancement and workplace culture changes.

Smartphones, virtual working technology, internet services, and social media have squeezed your employee's personal space. Even on holidays, they find it hard to turn off their cell phone and rest.

As a leader, you can set boundaries and ask your employees to unplug themselves from work. Make sure to communicate clear goals which are achievable by your employees. Avoid putting workload and overtime by setting some predefined targets.

2. Offer Virtual Wellness Services

Companies allowing work from home facilities must consider offering virtual wellness services for their remote employees. Unlike a physical working environment, your employees won't avail of the office space benefits, but caring about your employee satisfaction, you must offer corporate wellness companies services to keep them healthy and fit.

Tele-health and corporate health checkups are some of the services that can be held onsite and offsite for your employees.

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3. Motivate With Wellness Initiatives

Mental health issues among employees have gained traction in the past few years. Remote working, social isolation, and stress are some of the causes that negatively affect their health. Employers are looking for various wellness initiatives to improve their employee wellbeing.

Wellness incentives play a vital role in boosting program participation. It is seen that they are effective in bringing behavioral change among employees.

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5 Top Health Goal Ideas To Look For In 2021

As we set foot for a new year leaving behind the stressful 2020!. You'll soon be welcoming your employees after a long work from home routine, so strategizing some health goals list is a must in your priority list. You may be looking for ways to improve your employees' health and safety this year.

But setting such wellness goals might be a tedious process for you.

Here are the smart health and wellness goals examples for your employees to rock 2021!

1. Go Vegan

As per a Global Data report, only 1% of U.S. consumers claimed to be vegan in 2014. This number rose to 6% by 2017. So what is the reason behind the whopping 600% increase in veganism in the U.S.?

It took merely three years to realize the plant-based lifestyle's potential, so being vegan continues to top our health goal list for 2021!

Why go vegan?

Vegan trends have gone mainstream.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about nutrition and cooking in the workplace. Try to keep a handful of vegan options in your office canteen with these healthy breakfast ideas and delicious lunch ideas.

The nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals received from green plants, fruits, nuts, and veggies allow more room for growth and development.

But what if your employees hate following your vegan diet plans?

This should not be a mandatory option for your employees to shift their eating habits completely. Try to set some specific diet goals so that it makes sense to their food preferences. You can still ask them to include lean meats and dairy products into their meals.

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2. Prioritize Stress Management

Good mental health at work contributes to employee productivity.

Mental health forms a vital part when it comes to the overall wellbeing of an individual. You should significantly emphasize it in corporate organizations as rising stress and sedentary lifestyles impact employees' health quality.

As per the report by RCpsych, 1 in 6.8 people (14.7%) are experiencing mental health issues in the workplace.

We can cross any challenges if only we know how to cope with problems with a positive attitude. Read our comprehensive blog on coping with social isolation and mental health to help your employees during coronavirus pandemic.

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3. No To Addiction

It is estimated that around 21 million Americans have some addiction, where only 10% seek treatment. Stress and anxiety turn them towards harmful substances such as alcohol, nicotine, or drugs as a coping mechanism.

Employees also suffer similar kinds of complexities in their workplace. This affects the quality of work that ultimately degrades your company's reputation.

So how about making them pledge to stop addiction?

This is where the managers play an essential role in boosting employee morale towards better health. You can run a fantastic wellness campaign such as smoking cessation or a team walkathon that helps spread awareness among your employees.

Are you running short of campaign ideas?

Worry not!

Our detailed wellness challenges ideas blog can help you get started. It has a wide range of fun and impactful wellness plans that will encourage your employees to develop healthy habits.

Use Vantage Fit App to run wellness challenges and health campaigns.

Vantage Fit has a unique 12-Week Health Campaign feature that allows employers usher workplace wellness. Every week we assign different health challenges and tasks to your employees, specially designed by our certified fitness experts.


4. A Moment Of Self- Care

Practicing self-care isn't a cliche!

It is neither about staying at a lavish hotel for the weekend or opting for two desserts instead of one.

A moment of self-care is much more an intrinsic satisfaction that nourishes your mind and body from stress and other tensors.

Do you know your employees spent half of their life working in front of their office desk?

Infact, the U.S. The Travel Association detailed study on "Time off and Vacation days" reveals a shocking report. They confirm that 768 million vacation days of an employee go unused in a year.

It's crazy, right?

As a wellness authority of your organization, you can prioritize employees' health goals with corporate wellness retreats. You can offer weekday off or avail of corporate massage therapy that helps your employee relax.

5. Sweat More

Want to uplift your employee's spirit, make them more productive at work, or maybe reduce healthcare costs? If your answer is yes?

Then only one piece of advice that suits your situation.

Just exercise.

People who regularly exercise and prioritize physical activity have ageless beauty keeping diseases at bay.

Everyone benefits from exercise. It's a necessity to keep your body functioning well.

Employees' sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have invited unwanted fats and related diseases. This year allow your employees to concentrate more on physical health goals for better performance appraisal.

You can popularize office exercise initiatives to boost enthusiasm among your employees. Health risk assessments are another way to get the status of your employee's wellbeing. Appoint a health coach to get a better hold on their activity.

There are various corporate wellness companies that offer wellness services for your employees at an affordable budget.

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Final Words

I hope you found some of these health goals useful for your upcoming wellness initiative.

You can also try to motivate your employees from time to time with these soul touching wellness quotes for better engagement.

Know that having a poorly devised wellness plan demotivates your employees and make them feel worse even before starting the program. When you set an unreasonable goal, it's easy to get your employees distracted when they don't witness results.

The key to success is to devise a plan and follow it religiously by creating SMART goals.

Download our complete and comprehensive guide to corporate wellness programs to create an effective one for your workforce.

Now over to you!

Please let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

This article is written by Rangana Atreya, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. Having a creative mind with a spiritful life, she takes inspiration from travelling and learning languages. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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