Virtual Yoga: A Wellness Initiative towards a Healthier Workforce

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Published on 02 January, 2021

I am sure each one of us is familiar with the term yoga. Originated in ancient India, it is a combination of spiritual, mental, and physical exercises. In short, good for the mind as well as for the body. Many yoga classes are happening, but with the lockdown and everything, even yoga sessions have converted into online courses. Hence, virtual yoga.

What is Virtual Yoga?

When you hear the term “yoga,” it is all good. I do not think people need to be informed about the benefits of yoga. But when the term virtual comes with it, many would get confused. However, it is a pretty simple concept.

Why should yoga not become virtual like everything else?

A virtual yoga is just like any other virtual event, say like a virtual walkathon. Walkathons and others are more of one-time events, whereas virtual yoga comes in online yoga sessions and can be practiced more often than not.

The virtual yoga classes are mostly held on digital platforms where yoga teachers make people access their yoga practices over some youtube channel or some other virtual platform. In these classes, the innumerable yoga postures and exercises are highlighted with proper directions of use.

With the shifting of the entire workforce to home, yoga at the office was almost next to impossible. Even though things are settling down finally, the need for virtual yoga remains in demand.

Why implement Virtual Yoga for the workforce?

Yoga is effective, virtual, or not. Whether you are organizing yoga at your workplace or virtually through studio classes, the employees will come out as winners as yoga at the workplace comes with its benefits. Because yoga is more of a getaway, your mind seeks amidst all the work. And, after a long day of work, dedicating 30 minutes or 60 minutes to yoga can do a great deal to mental health.

1. Connecting people

When you are a global company, and your reach is worldwide, there is no point holding physical corporate yoga sessions in each branch. What you can do instead is bring the entire workforce closer by implementing virtual yoga.

Through virtual yoga sessions, all the employees will stay connected in one way or another. A standard digital platform can exist which every employee can get access to while practicing yoga. Hiring a professional who can give sessions over any online application will also do the trick.

That way, employees geographically separated can still interact with and motivate each other towards building focus and present mindedness. And, demographic dispersion is no longer an issue.

2. Getting rid of Time constraints

While holding a typical schedule every day for yoga, many employees might get disinterested after a certain point because everyone has their work priorities.

Today could be a light day for A but might be a day full of workload for B. In such a case, virtual yoga comes in handy, for it does not put any time or place constraint. Your employees can practice yoga even after going home, and it would be outstanding, and when you can get to your own pace, every activity is exciting.

3. Providing Convenience to Remote Employees

Your remote employees might be having quarantine blues and want to come out of it. The situation is supposed to relax sooner but yet is not. So, when you introduce the concept of virtual yoga to your staff, they are going to jump on the bandwagon without a second thought.

So, to keep your employees moving fit and fine, a virtual yoga challenge will prove to be a fun activity. You do not have to stress out over employee health when they are working towards being healthy.

As we know, yoga helps fight depression and anxiety, so staying at home and being frustrated can be replaced by yoga sessions.

4. Playing on loop

Digital platforms have made our lives so much more comfortable than it was. Whatever happens there stays there, and you can retrieve it as per will. When you hold yoga classes in the office, the yoga trainer will come and make you practice. But if your employee goes home and maybe wants to do yoga at home, if he doesn’t remember the exact posture, there is no point.

At such a time, one can fully understand the need for a virtual yoga studio. If everything is launched virtually, one can easily record it and play on loop to fully understand the various exercises during the sessions or online workshops.

How much easier can it get?

5. Cutting Costs

Employees will benefit a lot from yoga, which doesn’t mean there is nothing in store for the employers. Digital platforms have made work faster and reasonable. If the yoga instructor has to regularly pay visits to the office, there will be expenses in many ways.

Necessary amenities have to be arranged, while online sessions will save the company a lot of costs.

6. Emphasizing on Safety Concerns

Amid the benefits mentioned above, one of the leading causes behind virtual yoga is overlooked. Social gatherings are avoided, and social distancing needs to prevail, a virtual yoga is Covid-19 friendly.

Safety comes first, so it is better to avoid any event which involves a lot of crowds.

Now, the virtual yoga concept does not sound so bad.

Wrapping it Up

Besides reducing back pain and stress, yoga helps with increased productivity along with boosting employee morale. When your employee can get yogic exercises at a fingertip, it leads them to practice it, even if it is for 5 minutes.

So, try to implement virtual yoga for your employees and see for yourself.

This article is written by Dipshi Bhattacharjee. Besides working as a Content Writer at Vantage Circle, she is an animal lover with a huge fascination for Cinema, Television & Foreign languages. For any related queries, contact

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