How Virtual Walkathon boosts Employee morale amidst Covid-19

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Published on 22 December, 2020

The year 2020 has been a roller-coaster ride for everyone. With the lockdown doing the rounds for almost half the 12 months, one can name it a Holiday year. Also, with the never-ending quarantine time, people have gotten lousy being on the couch all the time. This has taken a toll on the health and the will of the people to stay fit. Workout has taken a backseat, which brings me to the concept of a virtual walkathon.

What is Virtual Walkathon?


When was the last time you went on a good walk?

Probably like a year ago, thanks to the pandemic.

Walking is the most popular form of exercise in the US.

Now, I guess all of us are familiar with the term walkathon. A walkathon is nothing but a walking event that is held to drive people’s motivation to walk. Now, with every physical group event being canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic, everything has shifted to the digital platform.

It’s interesting how the entire theme of walking has turned into a virtual event as well. Virtual walks are usual walks, only being tracked on a digital platform, more of an application like Vantage Fit.

A virtual walkathon is a walking event organized on a shared virtual platform that connects all the employees and brings them to a common digital space. The application acts like a tracker that can track steps once your cellphone is correctly synced to it. It will show the distance covered in as many steps and the minimum pace.

A virtual walkathon lets your employees walk at their own pace, place, and time thereby making it an effective wellness campaign.

Why do a Virtual Walkathon?

As an employer, you are vested with the responsibility of employee health. If your workforce is not conscious about their health status, this would eventually lead to decreased team productivity because good health drives effective results. And walking is one of the easiest ways to stay fit.

Without any kind of physical activity, there is a high risk of people developing symptoms of diabetes and other such diseases. And if your employees are diabetic, managing it at work gets pretty difficult for both you and them.

Also, along with health concerns, a walkathon is a fun event that further helps raise awareness of walking benefits- like burning calories, losing weight, building stamina, and so on.

Walking increases blood flow to your brain and cheers up your mood.

Here’s how a virtual walkathon helps with the employees’ health and the organization-

  • One of the significant benefits of a virtual walkathon is the reduced costs. If the employers are holding campaigns on virtual platforms, there is no requirement of any venue. Also, it helps in boosting employee health, thereby cutting off insurance costs too.
  • This campaign provides your employees to consider walking as per their convenient time and place. There is no space and time constraint.
  • No significant social gatherings involved means safety is intact and hence approved by Covid-19 police.
  • Registering on a virtual platform like Vantage Fit can help employers keep their entire workforce in check and know of their health status as it will track everything right from steps to nutrition tracking and water intake.
  • A healthy and fit staff implies improved performance without absenteeism, and too many sick leave grants.
  • Events as such will boost the employees and make them relieve both physical, mental stress and let go of fatigue.
  • Employers can promote the event on social media platforms and go beyond their limited audience, which will further improve the hold in the industry and encourage other companies to follow the same to ensure their employees' well-being.

6000 steps a day will improve your health while 10,000 steps in a day helps you with losing weight.

How to organize a Virtual Walkathon?

Virtual means online, and launching campaigns virtually- be it fun runs, virtual runs, or walkathons is both a cakewalk and not. Once you decide on the platform, the rest of the process is smooth.

Offering the best resources to engage your employees is very important.

1. Identifying the right Digital Platform

As an employer, choosing the right platform for the company is very important. First and foremost, you need to identify the services you would need for the campaign.

For a walkathon, the fundamental necessity is to have an application that can process real-time activities. If your employees are walking and achieving a certain amount of steps, say 5000 steps in a day, the app should detect that along with the distance and pace covered. Besides, the tracker will be able to track the calories burnt too which can motivate your employees to work on their bodies a little more.

Only then can the event possess authenticity and turn into success.

2. Planning the Virtual Event

Once you decide on the platform, it is time to plan how you want the event to work.

To engage your employees, you have to develop an exciting concept and a proper time frame. Otherwise, it will get boring after a while.

Set up a fixed target like, give your employees a minimum of 6000 steps to complete every day or five days a week or ask them to cover 3kms daily for a week. That way, they can take it as a challenge and work on finishing the goal.

3. Promoting on Social Media

Social media is one of the most robust platforms for information. So if you are launching walkathons, promotion of the event should be done on social media.

For one, it will gain attention from people beyond your targeted audience. The more people know about the event, the more aware they will be regarding their health and the possibility of fitness events.

Secondly, other companies will be inspired by the gesture of ensuring the wellness of the employees and might start with their corporate wellness programs.

4. Giving out Rewards

What is that one thing which motivates people to do something they do not usually do?

Rewards. Everybody gets excited when there are prizes attached to contests and challenges especially if you want to develop fitness motivation within employees. For instance, in Vantage Fit, an employee completes a task; they get vantage points that can be converted into gift cards.

Every challenge has a reward or a recognition. And, who does not want to win?

So, including rewards in the strategy proves to be a pretty smart decision.

5. Engaging Employees

Once everything is finalized, there has to be consistency in the virtual events to keep your employees rooted and want more.

Hold wellness campaigns every week so that your employees are always into some physical activity and are on the move. Fitness comes with consistency. To go out of their comfort zone, you have to provide them with something to look forward to.

Health campaigns will boost their morale and make them stay fit.

10 miles walking per week leads to reduction in carbon dioxide emissions upto 500 pounds in a year.

Wrapping it Up

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice versa. So, even though online, a virtual walkathon can develop the will to maintain wellness amongst your staff.

And as 2021 approaches, various campaigns are ready to shoot and wake up the workforce and push them to go for walks, runs, and whatnot.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your employees a fun event this new year and welcome 2021 with open arms.

This article is written by Dipshi Bhattacharjee. Besides working as a Content Writer at Vantage Circle, she is an animal lover with a huge fascination for Cinema, Television & Foreign languages. For any related queries, contact

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