Teletherapy in the Workplace: Employee Wellness Post-Pandemic

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Published on 19 October, 2020

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is on the rise.

The pressure at work seems unending as economies continue to collapse like a flimsy pack of cards.

The around-the-clock work culture is erasing any semblance of work-life balance.

All of these factors are more than enough reasons for your employees to suffer physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Your employees are stressed out, unhealthy, and unhappy. Your organization is losing out on working hours and productivity.

However, in-person visits to a doctor or therapist might be dangerous because of the virus. Moreover, remote employees might not even have the option of booking themselves a session.

So, the question arises: What are you, as an empathetic and thinking employer, going to do about it?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind, and it is teletherapy.

Understanding Teletherapy

Teletherapy is a form of telehealth that uses technology to connect patients and health professionals remotely.

Examples of teletherapy include:

  • Receiving therapy over text, messenger, or emails
  • Connecting with a therapist over video call
  • Communicating with therapists via different health applications

Teletherapy sessions are not much different from traditional face-to-face therapies. A licensed therapist will connect with the client via text, email, or video conferencing and get to know them and the range of issues troubling them. Following that, the therapist will share the treatment goals, suggest behavioral changes, prescribe medicines, etc.

The whole process happens virtually. The two sides involved in the process do not come in physical contact with each other. The absence of physical contact is especially helpful during these challenging times when fighting a pandemic that requires us to maintain physical distancing.

Benefits of Teletherapy

If you are still not sure about the effectiveness of teletherapy, worry not. Here are a few benefits of this new-age integration of health and technology that will surely blow your mind.

1. Easily Accessible

Health care is now just a few clicks away. All your employees will ever need is an internet connection and tada! They can connect with a therapist or doctor over the web and fix themselves a session according to their convenience.

Such ease in access is a blessing for employees working remotely and who do not have the privilege of getting mental health care in their area due to stigma or unavailability. Moreover, teletherapy is a saving grace for employees with disabilities or chronic conditions, who might sometimes need urgent attention in emergencies.

2. Low Cost

Teletherapy is exceptionally pocket-friendly. Connecting to a therapist online is usually less expensive than in-person therapy. It saves you the energy and money you would otherwise spend on personally visiting a therapist.

Moreover, it saves you time, and time is money.

3. Offers Privacy

One of the absolute wonders of teletherapy services is that it offers clients and patients the privacy they need and deserve.

Mental health issues are still stigmatized in the united states and around the world. Many people avoid seeking help from a professional therapist because they do not want to feel alienated and judged.

With teletherapy, people can seek help and treatment from the privacy of their space. No more worrying about regressive judgments!

Why Should Employers Take the Plunge into Teletherapy

The United States healthcare is one of the costliest in the world. So it goes without saying that the company health insurance is expensive as well.

The cost of health coverage has outpaced wage growth, which has gone up by 26% in the last decade.

Thus, it is in your best interest as an employer to make informed and smart decisions for your employees. Your employees’ health should be a top priority for your company.

This article is written by Priyakshi Sharma who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. In her free time, she is found writing about cinema, life, and everything in between. For any related queries, contact

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