5 Best Ways Fitness Rewards Can Boost Participation in Employee Wellness Programs

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Published on 18 December, 2020

Finder survey says that getting in shape is one of the top new year resolutions among millennials. Be it the dress we wished to fit in or maintain a healthy lifestyle, we all desire to get in shape at one point or another.

So what are your health goals for 2021?

Striving to achieve your fitness goals can test your limits and patience at times. The entire process can be frustrating where most of us would find it easy to give up than getting over the hurdle.

So why do we struggle to reach our wellness goals?

The entire fitness journey is a tedious and time taking process. Most of us lack motivation and accountability when we don’t receive any immediate results. Other factors like lack of gym membership, a well-trained instructor, or a strict diet are commonly used excuses for achieving our fitness goals.

Corporate wellness administrators face similar issues while keeping up with their employee’s wellness program participation.

Does it sound familiar to you?

Worry not, as you’re in the right place to get your doubts cleared.

Why Is Fitness Important At The Workplace?

Promoting health and fitness is the surefire way to achieve an individual’s full potential. We can observe the hype of corporate wellness programs offered by employers desiring productive employees.

Here are our top five reasons to promote fitness among your employees:


How Fitness Rewards Boost Wellness Participation?

We agree that losing weight and getting healthy are challenging goals requiring one’s full commitment and focus on completing. But you can make the entire process fun and a lot easier to achieve with Fitness Rewards.

You would be amazed to find its practical application during a corporate wellness program.

A detailed study carried out by researchers from the University of Minnesota estimated the effect of participation in the fitness rewards program. They observed a 95% increase in participation throughout the experiment tenure.

Thus, it was concluded that offering fitness rewards and incentives encourage a higher level of exercise and other health benefits.

Besides boosting wellness and reaching new health goals, rewarding your employees reinforce new habits and enlighten them to continue their fitness journey.

Read further to know about the benefits of fitness rewards and other tools to help your employee wellness programs.

5 Benefits Of Fitness Rewards In Wellness Program

1. Boost The Effectiveness Of Wellness Programs


You might spend thousands of dollars on employee wellness programs, but have you ever thought about the effectiveness of such investment?

Without employees participating in wellness programs, the success of achieving those health goals become slim. Its high time to consider the factors for the lower interests among employees.

Whatever might be the reason, we believe fitness rewards to your answer in boosting employee engagements.

A UnitedHealthcare consumer report highlights that employees enrolled in programs without wellness incentives resulted in a low participation ratio compared to the employees with a proper incentivization strategy. They observed a surge of 60% engagement ratio, making a positive impact on participants’ health and wellbeing.

2. Boosts Team Spirit


Employees who work together share common fitness goals with their co-workers. So organizing a group exercise will teach them the value of teamwork.

Reward their exceptional team spirit in making the wellness program successful with team-based incentive plans. It will help them encourage them to continue their fitness journey with others and keep a competitive edge to aim for higher fitness points.

3. Considers Employee Morale

What do we mean by boosting employee morale? Employee morale is an intrinsic factor that determines an employee’s attitude, satisfaction, and overall outlook while at the workplace.

Fitness rewards are one of the many factors that boost employee satisfaction in participating in fitness programs. Employees who keep up with their high spirits are more confident than those who don’t follow any wellness incentive program.

4. Promote Culture Of Wellness


Wellness incentives can act as a powerful medium of boosting health and wellbeing at the workplace. Be it monetary or non-monetary rewards, the feeling of being recognized by fitness enthusiasts is a surreal form of motivation.

Getting rewarded for quitting smoking to walking those extra miles fitness rewards promotes wellness among employees

5. Keeps Your Employees Inspired

After a workout, our employees feel motivated and are thus, more productive in their work and satisfied with their job. They also motivate one another to continue working out!

Exercising during work time can reduce stress, increase energy, and improve overall mood. It makes you feel great after!

Well, now you get the idea? Even though it might seem like the carrot and stick policy initially, but the sole motto of offering fitness rewards is to boost fitness intrinsically.

This helps in waking up the competitive spirit among co-workers for achieving wellness.

What if I say that there is a tool to help your employees and yourself get fit while rewarded?

Yes, it is possible with Vantage Fit!


Vantage Fit: A Revolutionary Corporate Wellness Platform

Vantage Fit is an all in one corporate wellness app focussed on preventive healthcare and fitness. Its state of the art design promotes healthier lifestyles through customizable wellness campaigns and challenges.

It allows you to track your employees’ calories and various physical activities and spread awareness through its impactful features like mood-o-meter, heart rate monitor, and health diary.

Employers can complement their employee’s wellness journey with both monetary and non-monetary rewards with the Vantage fit.

Here are the top key features of the Vantage Fit rewarding process :


Wellness Badges

As a non-monetary reward, you can recognize your most consistent employees with wellness badges. Celebrate their accomplishments and boost engagements even when you’re not running any contests.

In this way, it helps keep them motivated during the fitness journey as every time they accomplish their health goal, they get recognized with beautiful badges.

Health Rewards Points

Monetary fitness points are a more effective solution in attracting maximum wellness program participation.

Employers can allocate fitness points to their employees after employees complete their health tasks. These points are collected in a wallet of their employee’s account that can be redeemed as gift cards from any shopping site.

Such a rewarding process is transparent and unbiased with your employees.

Build a Healthy Workforce!

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Here we have answered you how Vantage Fit benefits your employees participating in the wellness programs.

Benefits Of Fitness Rewards With The Vantage Fit

  • Liberty To Choose Your Purchase

  • No Discrimination While Rewarding

  • Easy Reedeemable Reward Policy

  • Department Wise Attention and Fitness Allocation

  • Nutrition Upliftment Fitness Points

Final Words

With the sole purpose of improving employees’ health and overall reducing the healthcare cost, a fitness reward system helps your wellness program stand out. It helps in gaining your employee’s interests and inspires them to keep up with their wellness journey.

When supported with a wellness platform like Vantage Fit, you may witness a significant increase in participation rates with lucrative redeemable rewards like gifts-card of their choices that can be availed from the app within seconds.

Simple right? So why not experience the process by clicking the link below?

Schedule a free demo with Vanatge Fit right now!

Also, let me know how fitness rewards inspired you and your employees to hit those extra miles? I would love to know your share of experience in the comment section below.

This article is written by Rangana Atreya, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. Having a creative mind with a spiritful life, she takes inspiration from travelling and learning languages. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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