Improving Employee Wellbeing With A Biophilic Design

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Published on 07 June, 2021

Humans that live in urban areas have an urge to associate with nature. The constant hustle and bustle of city life rarely let one view the beauty of nature. In workplaces or commercial spaces, natural elements such as plants and natural lighting have become essential.

In today's world, offices need to be designed to protect employees from diseases and toxic conditions. In a world dominated by technology and pressure, workers lack the concentration to complete their tasks. Natural elements like fresh air, plants, and sunlight, can increase employee health.

To help employers create a workplace close to nature, businesses are adopting biophilic designs. Such designs represent a philosophy that encourages us to connect to the natural world.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design is a famous term that biologist Edward O. Wilson has popularized. According to him, it means creating an intrinsic relationship between people and nature.

Employees have hectic work schedules throughout the day, and they cannot focus on given tasks if their minds are clogged. It is also essential to enhance the workforce by manifesting a very magnetic aura.

A biophilic design impersonates nature and helps to maintain creativity, happiness, and welfare.

When employees spend majority of their time in offices, it becomes boring. There is no newness and elegance. When a new day begins, everyone goes back with hope and excitement.

By setting up biophilic designs, you can practice biophilia's principles in your employees' lives. Doing so will significantly improve their well-being.

What Are The Benefits Of Biophilic Design?

According to scientists, workspaces matter a lot as they significantly
impact one’s psychology.

You might have noticed that most companies focus on health programs that
include yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and more. But Biophilic designs have different outcomes depending upon their design elements. Some are designed for stress reduction, while others for increasing creativity and confidence.

There are office designs that help to increase employee productivity, attention, and more. Similarly, in hospitals, guests prefer rooms with natural elements and views of flora and indoor plants. Also, in schools with biophilic designs, students have improved learning and increased concentration.

When homes are located in the city's heart, it gets a little frustrating due to the hustle-bustle. There is a quote, 'Finding calm among Chaos.' Natural elements and images of nature can calm the chaos.

Plants exhibit fresh air, which raises oxygen in the human brain and alters the mood by boosting serotonin levels. When they are released, it increases the endorphin levels, leaving them to feel calmer and focused. Employees have improved cognitive function and perform better when offices have a natural design.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of Biophilic designs -

1. Increasing zeal and confidence

Everyone prefers to work in a positive workspace and superb comfort. According to many health studies, employees felt more zealous when plants surrounded them. It improved their cognitive performance.

2. Ease in tension and reduction in lethargy

If there is no natural element around the office, employees feel more stressed out. Biophilic designs help workers improve wellness, leading to a reduction in fatigue and weariness. If given a few hours in the wilderness, the person tends to feel more relaxed and energetic.

3. Fostering Imagination

Exposure to greenery and sunlight can boost employees' creativity and reduce stress. Some of the biggest tech giants like Amazon built spheres in their offices with natural elements like waterfalls.

Biophilic designs also create a calm environment allowing employees to work even under pressure.

4. Improved Air-quality

Offices have the problem of dry air, which is caused by cold temperatures. Breathing dry air can cause many respiratory issues.

Plants give out oxygen by transpiring through their leaves, thereby making the air pristine and unblemished. Having plants at work can combat the issue of dry air. Workers will also feel more relaxed and energized where there is freshness in the workspace.

5. Reduce stress levels and improved mental health

Offices are usually busy, chaotic, and full of stress . Stress leads to a lot of mental health problems and heart diseases. In stressful environments, one might disrupt their mental health, draining out their total energy. Such events will eventually lead to frustration, anger, and mental fatigue.

When humans are close to nature, it improves cognitive behavior, reduces stress, and improves mental health.

6. Feeling joy and being fitter

Access to nature makes employees more joyous and cheerful. When positive people surround you, the ambiance of the workplace becomes good and gives welcoming vibes. Workers start their day with a positive mindset when there are biophilic elements added. Workspaces have a significant impact on the psychology of employees; hence it is vital to keep an optimistic perspective.

7. Embracing satisfaction with natural elements and bright colors

A workspace with natural elements also sends a powerful message that you genuinely care about your employees' health. People would want to work where there is more eagerness and enthusiasm. When offices have bright colors, it has a positive impact on well-being as well.

How Do Employers Incorporate Biophilic Design In Their Workplace?

When constructing offices, employers must incorporate natural elements in their design. If you are an employer, here are the points that you should keep in mind -

  • Organizing spaces that sharpen the brain and increase concentration

Workspaces have a significant impact on workers' psychologies. When employees' minds are focused, they can concentrate better. Employee's moods will be boosted if the workplace is adorned with houseplants and furnishings with curved edges.

  • The air quality, external respiration

The air circulation in offices is crucial. Most offices have poor air quality. Therefore, one should choose the right plants as they will improve air quality. As you know, plants give out oxygen during the daytime. This way, they freshen the surroundings cutting down the poor quality of air.

  • Adjustments on the natural and artificial lighting

Too much lighting is not good as it can affect the mood of the employees. What you can do is allow more sunlight to enter your workplace by keeping windows open. Also, ensure to place the plants in sunlight to help them thrive and boost employee mood.

  • The use of raw materials in office wallpaper and bright colors

Bright colors and attractive office wallpaper can change the temperament of the employees. Working in a workplace full of vibrant colors will help employees do their tasks with much liveliness and energy.

Hence one should use bright and lively colors when designing their office. Doing so will help increase employee productivity and happiness.

Wrapping up

Biophilic designs impact the surroundings, and workers tend to be happier when there are natural elements. According to studies, employees are more anxious and even feel tired and bored in workplaces without greenery. Plants and natural elements can increase the well-being and productivity of the workers by 15%.
People who have access to green spaces have fewer psychological problems and stress than those less exposed to nature.

Biophilic designs introduce natural light, implore warmth, color, and life. They give employees emotional and intellectual stimulation, thereby making them cozy and comfortable. These designs can create a remarkable opportunity to reinforce mental well being and productivity.

Final Thoughts

Every organization has goals, values, and targets that help to contribute to organizational success. They also have a sense of being healthy and happy.
If there is no room for clean workspaces within the organization, it will affect employees' work.

Imagine if cluttered files already surround you, and your boss asks you to find a suitable file for your work?
Now, employees will take a lot of time searching those files. If the workspace had been organized properly, it wouldn't have taken much time.

When it comes to clean workspace, the overall performance of employees is appreciable.
They meet their targets at the end day and have a significant impact on employee productivity and engagement.

Photo by Kari Shea / Unsplash

This article is written by Anangsha Alomyan who is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. Apart from writing, Anangsha plays the piano, acts, raps and does photography. Since childhood, she has been into sports and brought laurels across the country. An adventurer by heart, she loves to explore new routes across the Himalayas. To get in touch, reach out to

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