12 Ultimate 30-Day Challenge Ideas To Try At The Office
15 November, 2020
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Do you know that employers who value employees' health and fitness have a higher rate of running a thriving business?

A Willis Towers Watson report says that organizations that invest significantly in wellness programs benefit from healthcare savings, quality service, and sickness rates.

While such programs indulge in external motivation, long-term success comes when these employees embody good habits into their lifestyles.

For this, practicing a 30-days challenge proves to be a great way to encourage healthy living amongst employees. It prioritizes the intrinsic motivations of an individual and guarantees lifelong habit formation.

Its main idea is to gamify wellness challenges with new daily tasks for the next thirty days and award rewards and recognitions to those who complete their health goals.

These challenges can be tailored as per your employee's comfortability and commitments.

As a wellness authority of your organization, try not to limit your physical health and diet expectations only.

You must push your boundaries and try experimenting with various ideas that help your employees engage.

You can also note these latest health goals for 2021 while devising your upcoming wellness challenge.

How wellness challenges help your employees perform better?

Fun wellness challenges are prevalent among employees. It teaches vital lessons of sportsmanship, team bonding, and perseverance to shape employee's holistic nature.

But there's a reason why 30-days challenges achieve a special place among wellness regimes.

The biggest perk is that it doesn't have to be complicated or unachievable.

The daily involvement of practice helps in goal formation, boosts confidence, and gives a sense of accomplishment. It allows your employees to be open-minded to new possibilities and ways of living life.

Here are the top benefits of implementing 30-day challenges:

When designed and implemented religiously, these challenges help in many ways for both the individuals and the organization as a whole.

Benefits for employees:

Benefits for employers:

Wondering how to initiate a 30-days challenge program for your employees?

It's easy!

We’ve compiled a list of 12 ultimate 30-days challenge ideas to get you started.

30 Day Challenge Ideas For Health and Fitness

1. No Sugar Month

Who doesn't love sweets and savories? Saying no to your sweet tooth can be a tough one as sugars remain the main ingredient in almost all dishes!

There is no denying that excessive intake of refined sugars can have adverse effects on health—employees who drool over coffee and desserts while at work are prone to obesity.

Starting a no sugar challenge is just perfect for them!

If your employees are new to the sugar challenge, start curbing the most obvious things like cakes, cookies, and chocolate bars from the office canteen.

Advice them to replace sugars with fruits.

Fruits help fill the nutritional gaps in your diet, keeping a balanced portion of vitamins and minerals.

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2. 7 Minute Workout

Exercise is one of the essential factors to lead a healthy lifestyle.

With busy office schedules, work-life balance hits rock bottom for an average employee. They struggle to maintain their desires, family needs along with the gym.

Being a health coach, you can make the process easy for your employees. Make sure they get enough time to exercise by offering a flexible work schedule.

Wondering how to make your employees active in less time?

Check out our detailed blog on 7-minute workout for employees.

Do you know why the 7-minute workout is so popular?

It is because it is quick, effective, and fun! You do not need to invest in expensive exercise equipment to do the workout.

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3. Take your Meal to Work

Are your employees dining out frequently?

If yes, then there are higher possibilities of them getting tired and unproductive at work.

According to the American Heart Association, over half of the United States workers reported indulging in unhealthy eating while at work.

Also, 77% of them confirmed that eating healthy at work can help them make better eating decisions outside work.

No doubt that eating at home requires time and effort, but it is a more feasible and beneficial way.

In the workplace, eating habits can significantly impact you and your employee's wellbeing. Promoting proper nutrition and wellness initiatives can help in curbing ineffectiveness and creating a healthy workplace.

Design a healthy lunch challenge for your employees and incentivize their good habits.

You can allow them to choose their meal routine so that they don't feel demotivated while minimizing their cravings.

30 Day Challenge Ideas For Mental Health

4. Practice Zen

Why is it that your employees spent their entire time working, yet you don't get enough productive results from them?

Productivity issues have many dimensions. Some spend time uselessly while some keep trying but don't get the most out of it. The latter point is more painful to accept for the hardworking employee.

It can affect them mentally and emotionally, ultimately leaving them stressed at work.

How can one feel joyful and generous if they are constantly nagged by the feeling of too much work in less time?

Solution? Practice mindfulness in the workplace.

The central idea of mindfulness is to bring positivity, peace, and consciousness in personal and professional lives. Zen meditation is a similar concept of mindfulness that deals with the presence of the mind.

Try to initiate 30-day challenges on practicing mindfulness during office hours. You can create in-house zen office rooms or offer course memberships for better focus and guidance.

Free subscription to virtual meditation apps like, Calm, Headspace can help your remote employees stay calm.

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5. Practice Affirmation

Positive affirmations are effective power statements that shape an individual's persona. It helps in boosting confidence and reducing negativity at both professional and personal levels.

Practicing affirmation can act as doses of motivation shots for a better day. Such little encouragement can help yourself and others to be better at skills or activities.

At the workplace, employers can boost the self-esteem of their employees through positive affirmations. This way, employees are motivated to work on their skills and produce quality results.

A great way to practice positive affirmations is by pairing with a specific goal.

Team up your employees, and assign tasks for the next 30 days; advise them to complement each other with good thoughts whenever an individual completes the target.

You can create a vision board near your office's central hall and invite employees to write affirmative quotes every day. Ask everyone to repeat the quotes before starting the work.

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6. Go to Bed Early

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

We are pretty much familiar with this old saying since our childhood days. But have you ever thought about why a sleep schedule is so important?

The consequences of insufficient sleep can be dire. Cases of insomnia, restlessness, and depression are on the rise among adults.

At the workplace, employees spend most of their time in front of laptops and mobile phones. The blue light coming from these gadgets significantly affects their eyes, leaving them tired and restless. They might experience difficulty in sleeping and waking up during the daytime.

As per a study conducted by Havard university, lack of sleep affects one's consciousness, decision-making capability, and growth. This can lead to bodily disorders to severe mental health issues.

Taking the situation seriously, you can help your employees in making their sleep cycles consistent. Try to devise a wellness plan with sleep tracking apps and measure their sleep pattern. Create a sleep campaign for a month and reward the best performance with goodies.

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30 Day Challenge Ideas For Personal Growth

7. Read Everyday

Reading can be a wonderful way to expand mind and reduce stress.

You can choose whatever books take your fancy: fiction or non-fiction.

Reading before you turn the lights out at the end of the day is an excellent way to unwind and disconnect from technology. Make sure you’re either reading a book or a device like a Kindle rather than your phone, laptop or tablet. This will ensure you’re not exposed to blue light which can interfere with your circadian rhythm.

8. Learn Foreign Languages

Learning a new language can entail learning to speak a different language or learning to write computer code.

Foreign language skills are vital in today’s global economy. Language proficiency supports executives to advance in their careers and helps multinational companies speed up overseas expansion. Every CEO or HR manager who wants to hire a language trainer struggles to quantify the value and benefit of language training to the business but there is convincing data to help them make their case.

9. No Spend Month

Personal finances are one of the top ten causes of stress. Challenge employees to reduce their financial stress by giving them the resources they need to make sure they’re on top of their financial wellness. For those employees who actively make use of the resources—whether it’s access to a financial planner, investment courses, or savings plans—with cash bonuses.

You can also invite employees to create personal financial goals, and then reward them for their progress. For example, if an employee is saving for a house or struggling to pay off student loans, offer to match a certain percentage of their own efforts to help them reach their goals faster.

30 Day Challenge Ideas For Mindful Productivity

10. Practice Discipline

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment - Jim Rohn

Discipline makes a man perfect.

In the workplace, it helps your employees to achieve their work faster. A disciplined individual is always punctual with his work. It benefits the organization to get quality work at the right time.

To get the most out of every day for the next 30 days, employers can advise employees to apply the Eisenhower Matrix.

It helps in determining what's essential and urgent. It is an age-old technique, yet useful to overcome procrastination completely.

11. Take a Hobby

Do you know hobbies are an excellent mind productivity task?

Well, it restrains one's idle mind from becoming a devil's workshop! Okay, that's on a lighter note.

Indeed a person with hobbies is known to be interesting, fun, and creative. As per a report by Psychology Today, hobbies are fantastic ways to reduce stress, foster interpersonal relations, and teach one the value of productive time.

So it doesn't matter if your wellness challenge consists of some fun elements in the list; encouraging your employees to take new hobbies this summer month is an ideal choice.

Please take note of your employee's choice of hobbies and offer necessary items to pursue them.

You can offer various online courses or free admission to hobby classes.

Try to incentivize your employee's progress for better participation.

12. Brainstorm New Ideas

Don't wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.- Henri Matisse

Some say that inspiration strikes when you least expect it.

While it might be right for them, I assume that it's an inefficient way to drive innovation and creativity at work.

Imagine the time when you and your employees were figuring solutions to a problem, like strategies for your company deal. Without brainstorming ideas and possibilities, your entire business would have come at stake.

Brainstorming is an efficient way to boost creativity and critical-thinking skills among your employees.

Identify your employees' issues or a challenge at work. Try to create a solid plan for the next 30 days to involve them in business plans and strategies.

Ask their consent and note down their proposed solutions for the same.

Over To You

Remember, health and wellness are personal pursuits.

Make sure you regularly check in with your employees to make sure they have the resources they need. Invite them to create their own wellness challenges, and to stick to their personal goals.

Rather than making them participate in the wellness challenges your company implements, try incorporating wellness initiatives into your discussions around professional development, and support them in whatever way you can.

This article is written by Rangana Atreya, a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. Having a creative mind with a spiritful life, she takes inspiration from travelling and learning languages. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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